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St Cuthbert's PTA Zumba event now on 26th May 2021!


The PTA is hugely grateful to Christine and Adriana for offering a Zumba class on the school field on Tuesday 25th May at 6.30pm. Please join us!


The class is £8 and ALL of the money will go to the PTA. Please book your place by paying for the event here:


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are a limited number of places, which is why the PayPal target is £224. If the PayPal goal has been reached, please don't pay as it means all places have already gone. Contact the PTA and we will hold a waiting list to maximise the event. Refunds will not be given unfortunately as this is a charity event, so please do not forget to attend. However, if you are ill, please let us know ASAP so that we can try to fill the vacancy. If there is inclement weather on Tuesday 25th May, the event will move to Wednesday 26th May or Thursday 27th May and you will automatically have a place. Please advise in advance if you cannot make either of those days; a refund will be provided if the event is postponed to a date you cannot attend. 


Please see the event rules below for full details of the event and its safety requirements


Thank you for your wonderful support and enjoy the fiesta, no previous dance experience required!


Christine's Zumba page is here, for your information 



Event Rules



Please arrive promptly at 6:30 pm to sign into the Zumba class and use hand gel on arrival.  Masks are not necessary throughout the duration of the class, but you are welcome to wear one if you wish or need to.  Do not congregate in large groups even under the C19 restricted number limit for the class.  Do not cluster around the entrance gate of Corby Drive, please space out and be respectful of the local neighbours.  

Please note that there will be no access to toilets or to fill up water bottles for the 50 minutes of the class.  Therefore, please bring your own drinking bottles as no cups or beverages will be provided for the event.   

No cash will be accepted on the night to join the class. You must only pay in advance via the Paypal set up as this means that numbers can be capped within government guidelines:  refers.  

Please also note that no refunds will be given as this is a charity event with 100% funds going to the PTA.   

If the event is not possible on 25th May due to wet weather, the event will be moved to 26th or 27th May and you will automatically have a place. Please advise in advance if you cannot make either of those days; a refund will be provided if the event is postponed to a date you cannot attend. 


If you are sick on the event day please let the organiser know that you will not be attending via emailing or message 07738015820 and we will try to find someone to take your space.   

Upon entry to the school field, having signed into the class read the waiver etc, you will then be spaced out on the field social distanced between the cones.  Check your area for trip hazards such as stones/branches/pinecones etc.

Wear suitable workout clothes, layers are always best for outside classes so that you don’t overheat as you’ll get hot as class progresses.  Please drink water frequently throughout the class. (Coffee or fizzy drinks for example will make you more thirsty)!  There will be a warm up and cool down track for the 50 minutes.   

If you feel unwell, please let the Instructor know as I am fully trained First Aider.  Any old injuries must be made known to the Instructor at the beginning of the session.  Don’t forget to bring your smile to the fiesta and no dance experience is required.   

Thanks for joining and supporting the St Cuthbert’s Parent and Teacher Association (a 
registered charity).   

Insure4sport).  Policy No: I4S564284 refers for E.C Dawson Arriandiaga.   


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